Canada at a Glance – Graphing and analysis

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Students examine the Statistics Canada publication Canada at a Glance. They select data for subjects of their choice to prepare graphs, write descriptions of data trends and make predictions.

Contributors: Ann Hamilton, Teacher-librarian, Merivale High School, Ottawa-Carleton District School Board, Joel Yan, Statistics Canada


To promote development of data interpretation, chart reading, graphing and data analysis skills

Suggested grade levels and subject areas

Social science, Mathematics


Classroom instruction

  1. Distribute the student worksheet
  2. Review Canada at a Glance with your students, highlighting some of the categories in the table of contents.
  3. Have your students complete the student worksheet using data from the booklet. Ask them to read the summary of the chapter on graph types in Statistics: Power from Data! in order to choose the best type of graph for displaying their data.
  4. If time permits, have them complete this bonus activity:

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