Canadian Social Trends

Canadian Social Trends, now a free online publication released every 6 weeks, offers topical articles on issues that affect students. Based on various national surveys and containing easy-to-read tables and charts, these articles help stimulate discussion and support research projects in social studies and family studies. Lesson plans are available for selected articles.

Note: A bi-annual print anthology is published in June and December. Educational institutions can request a 30% discount.

Lesson plans by date, 2002 to 2008

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Summer 2008
Kid's sports


Fall 2006
"When is Junior moving out? Transitions from the parental home to independence" and "Junior comes back home: Trends and predictors of returning to the parental home"

Summer 2006
Taking charge: perceptions of control over life chances

Spring 2006
Young adults who give and receive help

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Winter 2005
Willing to participate: Political engagement of young adults

Autumn 2005
South Asians in Canada: Unity through diversity

Summer 2005
Always the bridesmaid: People who don't expect to marry

Spring 2005
I am Canadian

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Winter 2004
Perceptions of Canadians: A sense of belonging, confidence and trust

Autumn 2004
Class of 2000 — Student loans

Summer 2004
Rural-urban migration in the 1990s

Spring 2004
Feminization of work

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Winter 2003
Across the generations: grandparents and grandchildren

Autumn 2003
Would you live common-law?

Summer 2003
Childfree by choice

Spring 2003
Studying and working: The busy lives of students with paid employment

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Winter 2002
Underweight Canadians

Autumn 2002
Time alone

Summer 2002
Ontario Grade 3 student achievement

Spring 2002
Learning computer skills

Archive: Lesson plans by date, 1996 to 2001

Note: These archived lessons are based on out-of-date information.

2001 2000 1999 1998 1997 1996


Winter 2001
Internet use on the cusp of the 21st century

Autumn 2001
Kids and teens on the Net

Summer 2001
Patterns of volunteering over the life cycle

Spring 2001
You snooze, you lose? Sleep patterns in Canada

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Winter 2000
100 years of education, income and expenditures, health and urban development

Autumn 2000
A family affair: Children's participation in sports

Summer 2000
Being there: The time dual-earner couples spend with their children

Spring 2000
Traffic report: Weekday commuting patterns

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Winter 1999
Plugged into the Internet

Autumn 1999
Seniors behind the wheel

Summer 1999
Under one roof: Three generations living together

Spring 1999
The crowded nest: Young adults at home

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Winter 1998
Paying off student loans

Autumn 1998
Religious observance, marriage and family

Summer 1998
Exposure to second-hand smoke

Spring 1998
Older Canadians on the move

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Winter 1997
I feel over qualified for my job

Autumn 1997
Attitudes toward women, work and family and Changes in women's work continuity

Summer 1997
The consumer price index: A measure of inflation

Spring 1997
Canadian children in the 1990s

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Winter 1996
Youth smoking in Canada

Autumn 1996
Canada's population: Charting into the 21st century

Summer 1996
Fifteen Years of AIDS in Canada

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