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  • Censuses of Canada, 1665 to 1871 (view)
    Published in 1876, facts and figures from the earliest settlements to just after Confederation
  • Canada Year Book Historical Collection, 1867 to 1967 (view)
    Original yearbooks, including analysis, tables, charts, photos, maps, multimedia
  • Historical Statistics of Canada, 1867 to the mid-1970s (view)
    Collection of over 1,000 data tables, published in 1983


  • City of Quebec: 400 years of censuses (view)
  • 20th Century: 100 Years of Canadian Society Teacher's Kit (view)
    Articles on changes in immigration, labour force, families, education, health, household income and expenditures, and urban development
  • Jean Talon: 1625-1694 (view)
  • Factors Driving Canada's Rural Economy, 1914 to 2006 (PDF)


  • 1665-66 New France, reference map (PDF)
  • 1665-66 and 1860-61, data maps in E-STAT: in the List of Census tables, choose tables with an asterisk (*), which provide a map output format
  • 1871, Aboriginal Population of Canada, map and table

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