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  • Canadian Agriculture at a Glance, 2006 (articles), 2001 (lessons with articles)
  • Canada Year Book: Agriculture
  • Census of Agriculture 2006, 2001
  • The Daily articles (view)
  • Vista on the Agri-Food Industry and the Farm Community (view)
  • Rural and Small Town Canada Analysis Bulletin (view)
  • The Loss of  Dependable Agricultural Land in Canada, 2005 (view)
  • Food Statistics (view)
  • Farming Facts 2002 (PDF, 1.6 Mb) and crossword
  • From sun-up to sundown: Work patterns of farming couples, Canadian Social Trends, 2001 (PDF, 86 Kb)
  • Harvesting and Country Food: Fact Sheet, 2001 Aboriginal People's Survey (view)


  • Crop Condition Assessment Program (view)
  • Reference Maps – including census agricultural regions (view)
  • Maps from Human Activity and the Environment (view)

External links

  • Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (view)
  • Maps from the Atlas of Canada, Natural Resources Canada (view)