Aboriginal Studies: Key resources

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  • 2006 Census Analysis series: Aboriginal Peoples in Canada in 2006: Inuit, Métis and First Nations
  • Canada Year Book: Aboriginal Peoples, Languages
  • The Daily articles (view)
  • Canadian Social Trends articles (view)
  • Aboriginal Children's Survey, 2006: Family, Community and Child Care (view)
  • Aboriginal peoples survey, 2006 (view)
  • 2006 Aboriginal Population Profiles for Selected Cities and Communities: Ontario (view)
  • Aboriginal Day… by the numbers, 2007 (view)
  • The Aboriginal labour force in Western Canada, Perspectives on Labour and Income, 2007 (view)
  • Aboriginal people, The Canadian Labour Market at a Glance, 2005 (view)
  • Aboriginal peoples of Canada: A demographic profile, 2001 Census
  • Aboriginal peoples in Canada's urban area – Narrowing the education gap, Education Matters, 2005 (view)
  • Aboriginal peoples survey: Well-being of the non-reserve Aboriginal population, 2001 (view)
  • Aboriginal seniors in Canada, Seniors in Canada, 2006 (view)
  • The Aboriginal peoples, Censuses of Canada, 1665-1871, Vol IV, (view)
  • Connectivity and ICT Integration in First Nations Schools: Results from the Information and Communications Technologies in Schools Survey, 2003/04 (PDF)
  • Inuit in Canada: Findings from the Aboriginal Peoples Survey – Survey of Living Conditions in the Arctic (view)
  • A Portrait of Aboriginal Children Living in Non-reserve Areas: Results from the 2001 Aboriginal Peoples Survey (APS) (view)
  • Victimization and offending among  the Aboriginal population in Canada, Juristat, 2006  (PDF)
  • Violence Against Aboriginal Women, Measuring Violence Against Women: Statistical Trends, 2006 (view)


  • Map and table of the Aboriginal Population of Canada, 1871
  • Aboriginal Peoples in Canada–Thematic Maps, 2006 Census, 2001 Census
  • Maps from the Atlas of Canada, Natural Resources Canada (view)

Reference material

  • How Statistics Canada Identifies Aboriginal Peoples (view)
  • Population pyramids – First Nations, Métis and Inuit (view)

External links

  • Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (view)
  • Maps from the Atlas of Canada, Natural Resources Canada (view)
  • Museum of Civilization — First peoples
  • Royal Commission on Aboriginal peoples (view)
  • The Society for the Advancement of Excellence in Education, Bell, David, May 2004, "Sharing Our Success: Ten Case Studies in Aboriginal Schooling, Executive Summary" (view)