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Some lessons require access to E-STAT.

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A look at 20 years of pesticide, herbicide, and fertilizer use on farms in the Lower St. Lawrence Lowlands (E-STAT) (view)
Across the generations: grandparents and grandchildren (view) Canadian Social Trends, Winter 2003
Add! Don’t subtract! – A complete count, Getting ready for the 2006 Census (view)
Agriculture at a glance – The play’s the thing, Getting ready for the 2006 Census (view)
Always the bridesmaid: People who don’t expect to marry (view) Canadian Social Trends, Summer 2005
Analysing 2001 Census microdata (view)
Analysing economic data and seasonality using scatter graphs (E-STAT) (view)
Analysing the job market for babysitting in your neighbourhood (E-STAT) (view)
Analysing provincial forestry practices using scatter graphs (E-STAT) (view)
Analysing synthetic microdata from the National Longitudinal Survey of Children and Youth for Ages 16-17 (view)
Analysis of a colonial industry, shipbuilding in Nova Scotia, 1861 (E-STAT) (view)
Assessing quality of life (view) Canada at a Glance

Top of page B
Bias or No Bias? (view) Census at School
Body and Mind (view) Census at School
Building data, 2001 Census (view)
Bullying-studying it to curb it. (view) Census at School

Top of pageC
Calculating population growth for a region (E-STAT) (view)
Canada and its trading partners (E-STAT) (view) Canada Year Book 1999
Canada at a Glance – Assessing quality of life (view)
Canada at a Glance – Graphing and analysis (view)
Canada recycles! Do you? (view) Census at School
Canada’s climate: Temperature and precipitation variations (view) Updated!
Canada’s immigration patterns, 1955 to present (E-STAT) (view)
Canadian Agriculture at a Glance Teacher’s Kit (view)
Canadian Social Trends (view)
Canadians Your Age: Analysis of the 10-to-14 age group using E-STAT (view)
Catches and landed value of fish (view)
Census at School: Learning activities (view)
Census game, Getting ready for the 2006 Census (view)
The changing nature of work, employment, and education in Canada, 2006 Census (view)
Childfree by choice (view) Canadian Social Trends, Summer 2003
Chinese immigrants in British Columbia, 1870 (E-STAT) (view)
Circle and bar graphs (view) Census at School
Civics and society: Emerging issues (view)
Class of 2000 — Student loans (view) Canadian Social Trends, Autumn 2004
Climate change in Canada (view) Human Activity and the Environment 2007 and 2008
Combining multiple census characteristics and mapping the result (E-STAT) (view)
Comparing the food choices and body image of 15-year-olds around the world (E-STAT) (view)
Comparing the health and lifestyles of 13 year-olds around the world (E-STAT) (view)
Counting Canadians (view) Canada Year Book 2007
The CPI and You Teacher’s Kit (view)
Creating a demographic profile for an urban school neighbourhood using census tract data (E-STAT) (view)
Creating a profile for your Municipality (E-STAT) (view)
Creating circles (view)

Top of pageD
Data management activities using analytical software (view) Census at School
Distribution of Children Living at Home (E-STAT) (view)
Divorce Trends in Canada (E-STAT) (view)
Do you have big feet? (view) Census at School

Top of pageE
Earnings and incomes of Canadians over the past quarter century, 2006 Census (view)
Earthquake vulnerability identification in Vancouver (E-STAT) (view)
The effect of sample size on data analysis (view) Census at School
Energy in Canada (view) Human Activity and the Environment 2004
Ethnic origins and visible minorities, 2006 Census (view)
Exploring linear functions (view) Census at School
Exploring the correlation between two variables at the census tract level (education and income) (E-STAT) (view)
Exploring the effects of population change, 2006 Census (view)
Exponential modelling of the farm value of potatoes (view)

Top of pageF
Family studies kit (view)
Feminization of work (view) Canadian Social Trends, Spring 2004
The First Nations, Métis, and Inuit Peoples of Canada, 2006 Census (view)
From data to drinks - My marketing plan (view) 2001 Census
Function Modelling Using Secondary Data from E-STAT (view)

Top of pageG
Graphing and analysis (view) Canada at a Glance
Graphing Environmental Statistics (view) Human Activity and the Environment: Annual Statistics
Graphing in the information age (view)

Top of pageH
Housing arrangements of the elderly in Canada (E-STAT) (view)
How does your province stack up? (E-STAT) (view)
How many people live in a Canadian household? (view) Census at School
How many people live in your household? (view)
How tall will you be? (view) Census at School
How weird is our class? (view) Census at School
Human activity and the environment teacher’s kits (2000, 1994)

Top of pageI
I am Canadian (view) Canadian Social Trends, Spring 2005
Identifying potential target markets (view) 2006 Community Profiles
The Ice Storm 1998 maps and facts activity (view)
Immigration: The changing face of Canada, 2006 Census (view)
Important decisions don’t just happen! Using data to plan your services, Getting ready for the 2006 Census (view)
Internet shopping business idea (E-STAT) (view)
Introduction to population statistics (E-STAT) (view)
Investigating gender differences in income (E-STAT) (view)
Investigating sampling (view) Census at School
Is it worth completing university? (view)

Top of page J
Just how old are you? (view) Census at School

Top of page K
Kid’s sports (view) Canadian Social Trends, Summer 2008

Top of pageL
Learning computer skills (view) Canadian Social Trends, Spring 2002
Life expectancy at birth (view)
Linear modelling of the life expectancy of Canadians (view)

Top of pageM
Make a graph of your Census at School data (view) Census at School
Mapping the changes in Canada’s population (E-STAT) (view)
Mapping the population by mother tongue (E-STAT) (view)
Math = GAMES? (view) Census at School
Meeting the needs of an aging population, 2006 Census (view)

Top of pageN
National Longitudinal Survey of Children and Youth for Ages 16-17 (Synthetic Microdata File) (view)
Neighbourhood statistics (E-STAT) (view)

Top of pageO
100 years of Canadian society (view) Canadian Social Trends
Ontario grade 3 student achievement (view) Canadian Social Trends, Summer 2002
Our favourite Halloween treat (view)

Top of pageP
Patterns of international tourism in Canada (E-STAT) (view)
Perceptions of Canadians: A sense of belonging, confidence and trust (view) Canadian Social Trends, Winter 2004
The perfect principal (view)
Piecewise modeling with multiple functions: Federal Debt (view)
Provincial showdown (view) Canada Year Book 2007

Top of pageQ
Quadratic modelling of Canada’s Baby Boom (view)
Quadratic modelling of the number of males registered in apprenticeship programs (view)

Top of pageR
Recycling in Canada (view) Census at School
Relationships between variables (view) Census at School
Rent and owner’s major payments (E-STAT) (view)
Role models and heroes (view) Census at School
Role-playing Jean Talon (view)
Rural-urban migration in the 1990s (view) Canadian Social Trends, Summer 2004

Top of pageS
Sinusoidal modelling of Canada’s youth cohorts (view)
Smoking today = Smoking tomorrow (E-STAT) (view)
Snack attack (view)
Solid Waste in Canada (view) Human Activity and the Environment 2005
South Asians (view) Canadian Social Trends, Autumn 2005
Students and Seniors (view) 2001 Census
Studying and working: The busy lives of students with paid employment (view) Canadian Social Trends, Spring 2003
Suicides and suicide rates (view)
Survey says? Who says? (view) Census at School

Top of pageT
Taking a census, Getting ready for the 2006 Census (view)
Taking charge: Perceptions of control over life chances (view) Canadian Social Trends, Spring 2006
Talking feet (view) Census at School
Teenage pregnancy trends in Canada (view)
That’s easy for you to say! Survey project, Getting ready for the 2006 Census (view)
Time alone (view) Canadian Social Trends, Autumn 2002
Tracking immigration trends (E-STAT) (view)
Transportation in Canada (view) Human Activity and the Environment 2006
Travel to school (view) Census at School

Top of pageU
Underweight Canadians (view) Canadian Social Trends, Winter 2002
Urban and rural communities (view)
Using the Daily to write a newspaper style article (view)

Top of pageV
Virtual winter count – Intermediate (view) Canada Year Book 2001
The Vitruvian theory-does it apply to you? (view) Census at School

Top of page W
What a Zoo! (view) Census at School
What is a family, 2006 Census (view)
What is the average height of your class? (view)
Where do we come from?, Getting ready for the 2006 Census (view)
Where does the time go? (view) Census at School
Will you vote? (view)
Willing to participate: Political engagement of young adults (view) Canadian Social Trends, Winter 2005
Would you live common-law? (view) Canadian Social Trends, Automn 2003

Top of pageY
You are the researcher (view) Census at School
You are what you eat! (view) Census at School
Young adults who give and receive help (view) Canadian Social Trends, Spring 2006
Youth vs. adult employment in Canada (E-STAT) (view)