Learning resources bulletin - August 2011

Dear teachers,

Welcome back!

This bulletin highlights the latest free information and teaching materials available on Statistics Canada’s Learning resources website.

In this issue:

Camcorder.Just for Teachers video: Getting prepared is easier than ever!

This school year, why not tap into the treasure-trove of curriculum–relevant material available from Statistics Canada. Watch the 7 minute video Just for Teachers: StatCan’s Learning resources (also on TeacherTube). It guides you through our key resources, lessons and data, all displayed by school subject. You can put these resources to use right away.

Canada Quiz.New Canada Quiz and Fast Facts questions

So you think you know a lot about Canada, eh?

The new Canada Quiz questions launched in time for July 1, 2011 test your current Canadian knowledge.

Each question gives a hint—a link to a data table that contains the answer. You must answer at least one question correctly in order to receive a score. You can do it! Why not challenge your students or colleagues to beat your score?

Do you know the answer to this question, for example?

Based on the "at birth" figures, which province has the highest life expectancy for females?

Question mark.Fast Facts Challenge

Looking for information to whet the appetite of your students? Post one question a day in your classroom or staff room to get those young minds critically thinking and to initiate discussion with your peers. See Fast Facts questions. Examples:

Census at School logo.Census at School 2010/2011 results and summary tables now available

Over 26,000 Canadian students participated in Census at School last year. Of these, 35% reported that they could hold an everyday conversation in 2 languages.

In response to the Census at School question "Why do you think some kids bully others?" the number one response was "Trying to be cool" (34%) followed by "Insecure" (28%).

Check out the summary results for Canada or the provinces. Use this data to teach graphing and analysis. International data for 8 participating countries is available.

Get involved again this year! The Census at School-Canada project opens September 5, 2011.

Stethoscope and a heart.What’s new on Health data

In 2010, 52.1% of Canadians were at least "moderately active" during their leisure time. The most popular leisure-time activity was walking.

A new series of Health Fact Sheets using 2010 data are now available. Illustrated with charts, they highlight the latest findings on various health topics, including Fruit and vegetable consumption, Diabetes, Physical activity and Smoking. See the Health and Physical Education: Key Resources page.

In Health and Physical Education: Data, see the new databases that let you find information by city or province (Health Profile), track trends over time (Health Trends) or select tables by subject (Health Indicators).

E-STAT logo.E-STAT updates

E-STAT is an online learning tool that lets you generate dynamic tables, customize graphs and maps using Statistics Canada’s Census of Population and socioeconomic data.

E-STAT has completed its annual update of the CANSIM database. To access it, click Search CANSIM.