Learning resources bulletin - June 2011

Dear teachers,

It's almost summer! We wish you a happy and restorative summer break. See you in August!

This bulletin highlights the latest free information and teaching materials available on Statistics Canada's Learning resources website.

In this issue:

Canadian statistical poster contest winners

Students from Alberta and New Brunswick are the Canadian winners of the 2011 International statistical poster contest, held in collaboration with the Statistical Society of Canada. Posters by Cecilia Wright of Calgary (Black Gold and Alberta's rivers) and by Holly Ayles and Emily Baxter of Frederiction (Light pollution) will now compete for first place internationally in their category, to be announced in August.

See the winning posters: from the Students page, click on "Statistics are important" then on International statistical literacy poster competition.

Planning a survey: step-by-step guide in "Statistics: Power from Data!"

Do you want to conduct your own survey? See Planning a survey in our newly updated resource Statistics: Power from Data! This section shows you how to establish the objectives, target population and data requirements of your survey and to plan each of the subsequent steps. To help you browse through the rest of this resource, we reorganized the Table of contents, listing the sections in the same order as the steps of a survey: sampling, collecting data, processing data, organizing data, creating graphs and calculating measures of central tendency and of spread. Each of these sections includes exercises and related lesson plans.

Father's Day... by the numbers

Father's Day is June 19. In Canada, do you know

To find these and other facts, go to Family Studies and Home economics, and under articles on "Families, households and housing", click on "Father's Day... by the numbers (2011)."

Census at School still time to participate until June 24th

It's not too late for your students to join the almost 28,000 students who have participated in the Census at school online survey project so far this year. The project continues until June 24th.

Watch for the Canadian results for this school year, which will be posted in August.