Student worksheet
Piecewise modeling with multiple functions: Federal Debt

Loose change (toonies, loonies, quarters, ...) on Canadian flagName: (1------)

Time period: (2------)


  1. What function type do you think best approximates your data?

  2. Why did you select this function type? Be sure to include difference tables and r2 values in your explanation.

  3. What is the basic form of the equation (e.g., y = mx + b) for the type of function you selected?

  4. What does each variable represent in the equation? (e.g., What do m and b represent in a linear equation?)

  5. For this specific dataset, what does each variable represent in the real world?

  6. What are your best values for each variable?

  7. What do the values of these variables mean in the real world?

  8. Write your equation here, with your best values inserted.

  9. Consult with the students who analysed the data in the time periods immediately before and after your assigned time period. Compare their data and functions with yours. What are the similarities and differences?

  10. What historical events may have contributed to the shape of your graph, and how? To learn about historical events of the era, consult  20th Century Timeline (as shown at the start of class).

  11. Print a copy of your graph (with the function model and best values for your variables showing) and hand it in with your answers to the above questions.